3 Best Mobile Games for Girls

Experts say, “Playing games are one of the few ways to relax, relieve stress and pass your time”. In the past, mobile games was more or less dominated by boys, this can be seen by the addiction,drive and millions of games targeted towards the boy folk. Likes of Grand theft, Modern Combat, Soccer games,etc. We see their addiction to the game, the love, the passion especially when the boys play soccer games with their favorite football teams, competing with friends or playing alone. Those days are over now, there are a lot of games to be enjoyed too by the girls which are scattered all over Google play store and iOS app store from puzzle games to adventures to sports games. Girls love colors a lot and these games in this article are created specifically for them to enjoy and have fun with. In this article, I have compiled the very 3 best mobile games for girls. Note, the boys could enjoy it too. Here we go, in no particular order we will look at these games, you can download them for free! I included the download size, the current version, number of downloads and of course, the download link.

  • Angry Birds
    The number one on the list of 3 best mobile games for girls is no doubt the ‘liked by all’..ANGRY BIRDS!!!. The game comes with a lot of adventure and comics. The birds have to protect their eggs from the pigs, but now the pigs stole the eggs and the multi-colored birds have to take a merciless revenge. This fun game can take you hours because you wouldn’t just want to stop playing it. The player has to pull slingshots at the right angle to drop explosives on the pig’s defenses. There are 40 exciting levels to go through while playing but as you go on and on, every level has its exciting difficulty. With over 100,000,000+ million downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars, the Finish company Rovio Entertainment in 2016 made the Angry birds movie. Download size: 94.26MB Latest version: 7.5.0 Downloads: 100,000,000+ Download link

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga
    The number two on the list is “Candy Crush Soda Saga”. The best mobile games would be incomplete without this awesome game. The makers of “Candy Crush Saga”-King, has come up with another enticing game for girls and to all those who love color puzzles. With over 1000 Sodalicious levels, awesome graphic experience easy and fun to play yet challenging to fully master. The company has another version which is in fact the first version, “Candy Crush Saga”, you can enjoy that as well as how you will enjoy the “Candy Crush Saga”. The complexity of the game is in its simplicity. You can continue playing from another device from where you stopped previously and even connect with friends on Facebook to show them your accomplishments, WOW!! The game is free for sure and free for all.
    Download size: 93.10MB Latest version: 1.95.3 Downloads: 100,000,000+ Download link

  • Fruit Ninja
    Want to be a ninja? Take up that sword and slice your way through. The game is very simple and straight forward, the idea of its simplicity indeed made it quit unique and it has made the cut for the 3 best mobile games for girls. The game is simply to chop fruits and avoid the occasional bombs. when you hit a bomb, you’re out. The more you chop up fruits, the more you stay in the game, the more you progress through and the more your become powerful and get new blades, provided you stay clear of the bombs. There are six exciting mini games to challenge your mastery of sword, win lots of prizes to enter “Event Mode”. Awesome daily challenges, you don’t want to miss out. The company also included a local multiplayer mode where you can show your friends and family the stuff you’re made of. Download size: 93.89MB
    Latest version: Downloads: 100,000,000+ Download link


Do you already have these games on your device? If you are yet to, follow the download link on each of the game link to get these awesome games for girls. If you have a favorite game and you want us to know about it, why not tell us about it in the comment section.
Note: These games have in app purchases, this will come in handy when you want to get the most amazing experience from the games.

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